A Career in Law


Law is a system of rules developed by a community that regulates activities such as crime, business agreements and social relationships. The term can also refer to the professions that work within this framework, such as lawyers and judges.

The Law shapes politics, economics and history in many ways, acting as a mediator of relations between people. There are two main areas of Law; common and civil law. Civil law systems are found on all continents and rely largely on judge-made precedent, while common law is based mainly on English legal tradition.

Many countries use a mix of the two systems, and in some places religious laws play a role as well. The most widely used legal system in the world is Islamic Sharia law.

A career in Law is very prestigious, and is seen as one of the top jobs that can be undertaken. There is a lot of pressure to perform, and being a lawyer has become synonymous with being an intelligent, hardworking and ambitious individual. It is a job that will often offer high salaries, generous benefits and the option to work remotely.

Most organisations will have a legal team of some kind, and it is helpful for all members of the team to have access to a single resource hub that combines standard documents, advice notes and preferred approaches to particular issues. It can save time and resources, and make it easier to collaborate internally as a team.

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