Asian Americans NYC attacks


Two weeks ago I posted to this site a piece about racist attacks on Asians in the US.

I noted how we needed Asians, how they contributed so much, and how the anger against Communist China, rather than being focused and addressed to American politicians who betray this nation to PR China, is being directed randomly against people who are not even Chinese.

The very next day several Asians were killed in Atlanta, though not necessarily in an attack against Asians, as the person arrested appears to be a fallen saint who took out his frustrations over temptation on massage halls.

A week after that, a possible racist attack killed 10, all of them white, the person arrested is of Syrian extraction.

In this time frame, a steady flow of attacks that were definitely racist attacks on Asian American was taking place in New York and elsewhere in America.

This peaked earlier this week, when a 65-year-old Philippine woman was pushed to the ground and kicked repeatedly in the head in front of 360 West 43rd Street in Manhattan. Her assailant, who is now in custody, a man who had been let out of jail after having killed his mother, kicked her when she was down, severely injuring her head and smashing her pelvis.

No one came to her aid. It was reported in the New York Times (front page story by Nicole Hong, Juliana Kim, Ali Watkins and Ashley Southall, 31 March 2021) that a security guard, watching from the safety of the building, not only did nothing, but shut the door. She was left to fend for herself.

Liberal New Yorkers all around did nothing. I am not surprised; I recall that once, when I foiled a pickpocket in front of Penn Station, hundreds of people passed by, not one even helping to chase down the woman from whom the thieves had taken a purse and keys. I yelled at her to no avail, while the perpetrators threatened me and told me to mind my own business. When she finally turned around, and saw her purse in my hands and two thugs ready to do ‘teach me a lesson’, she was surprised to find that such a crime could be perpetrated in broad daylight.

As was this physical attack. Broad daylight means nothing when people do nothing. It is darkness of another kind, a darkness that goes beyond the night. A darkness that takes over nations as it did in Germany. Or in Zimbabwe when farmers were beaten and farms destroyed in the name of liberal progress.

Liberal progress is what let a man out of jail who had killed his mother. Ironically, this is what no nation in Africa, Asia or South America would do. The nations there do NOT let you out of jail to harm other elderly citizens. Only in the US and some super liberal nations do the elderly have to fear this phenomenon.

It is not just the elderly who have to fear; I know of able-bodied Asian men unwilling to ride the NYC subways in this present crisis. Some have been badly injured trying to help others who were under attack.
Team Daby is dedicated to assisting the Asian community, some of whom are on staff. Cantonese and Korean are spoken here, with team members living in Forest Hills, Staten Island, Harlem, Washington Heights and other areas with an Asian presence.

We will be on the streets and talking to people, we will be writing about this and getting the word out.

Daby – and his team – know about being part of the immigrant community. We talk amongst ourselves about our families and where they are from – including a range of nations such as Benin, Cameroun, the Congo, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Honduras, Hong Kong, Korea, Mali, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain and Togo.

It is one of the most diverse teams in NYC politics. And it supports everyone’s right to life and limb. It is on the front lines with the Asian community, supporting all Asians from Chinese to Uighur.
Join Daby and his team, and help us support everyone in this city and protect their rights.

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