Daby Carreras against attacks on Asians


This past week attacks on Asians have continues all over America. In Harlem, an elderly Chinese man was knocked to the ground and then kicked when down. These two aspects seem to be the norm – kicking people when they are down, and attacking the elderly. A friend whose family is from Hong Kong predicted as much earlier this year.

Team Daby, including the friend I just mentioned, and another man whose family is from Korea, are taking this seriously.

As one might expect from Andrew Yang, the only Asian mayoral candidate for NYC. Yesterday his crew was out full force at the Chelsea Market. I talked to them and did not get a lot of answers to my questions, including the one I posed about his stance on US-PR China relations.

Currently he is considered the Democrat party forerunner for the primary on 22 June, with Eric Adams in 2nd place and Scott Stringer in 3rd. On a previous post, I noted what happened when I met Stringer and asked an awkward question. I think he is dishonest as hell. And he seems unwilling to invest the city monies more ethically – which would include disinvestment in PR China.

The pro-PR China attitude on the part of many politicians is fueling the attacks on Asians. The majority of the Asian community in the US is NOT from PR China.

Attacks on anyone, even if they are from PR China, are stupid and evil. They do not address the issue of PR China taking business from American. In fact, they create a diversion in which it is harder to address this issue.

While lowlife elements take it upon themselves to vent frustrations, the investigations into the Humpty Dumpty Institute – headed by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark – go ignored. Congressmen involved in this, such as Maxine Waters, get a pass. She, meanwhile, fuels hatred telling demented followers to get in your face and push back. It is she who must be pushed back, and investigated, along with the PR Chinese agents in the Humpty Dumpty Institute and other bodies in the US.

The Asian community in the US is calling for disinvestment in PR China and supports US business. We need to support them. Daby Benjaminé Carreras does. He will help NYC to work closely with the Asian community. Working closely with that community is part of his vision for renewing the economy.

Share it this year by voting in Daby Benjaminé Carreras to NYC Comproller.

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