Daby Carreras endorsed by Rabbi Frank


Daby has long been an active supporter of the Jewish people and the Jewish State in both his public and private life. That may seem surprising, since he’s a regular church-goer with no obvious ties to either. Actually, it makes perfect sense.

Like all sincere people of faith, Daby has a deep respect for everyone whose lives are guided by their faith, regardless of religious affiliation. Faith in the Creator also imposes a duty to defend the vulnerable and disadvantaged. For Daby, that commitment is reinforced by his family’s origins in Cuba and Puerto Rico. These islands share Israel’s struggle to overcome colonization, and their inhabitants continue to face prejudice, hardship and isolation.

As is true with every cause that he champions, Daby doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Literally! Daby is always front and center at demonstrations against the shameful BDS movement. He put aside his political differences with Bill de Blasio to march with the Mayor in opposition to the Boycott Israel campaign.

Daby often visits our City’s Jewish communities to hear their concerns and offer his support. In recognition of his outreach to Jewish residents, Daby has received the enthusiastic endorsement of The Jewish Voice. A number of prominent rabbis have also given Daby their endorsements in his campaigns for public office. One of his most ardent supporters is the acclaimed humanitarian, Rabbi Avraham Frank. Rabbi Frank has been praised by Jews and gentiles alike for his “Moment of Silence” initiative, which seeks to instill moral behavior, tolerance and kindness in children around the globe. Daby’s fierce battle against anti-Semitism and his efforts to foster understanding among New Yorkers of diverse backgrounds have created a strong bond between these two activists. By virtue of Daby’s passionate advocacy on issues of importance to NYC’s Jewish population, community leaders and their constituents have come to regard him as their unwavering protector.

It’s worth noting that the Jews aren’t alone in enjoying the benefits of Daby’s protective nature and generosity. He has a solid track record of providing assistance to many of the City’s diverse cultural and ethnic groups. Daby regularly offers provisions, learning tools and children’s gifts to those in need at his own expense and on his own personal time.

Daby has long sought a way to expand the work he does for Jews and others to all those residing in his hometown. He’s confident that should he be elected to serve as the NYC Comptroller, as the watchdog and protector of all New Yorkers, he will be in a position to achieve that goal.

To learn more about Rabbi Frank’s acclaimed global initiative, visit MomentOfSilence.info.


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