Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

Home improvement

Home improvement can include a wide range of projects, from minor repairs to major additions and renovations. Some homeowners choose to do their own work, while others hire contractors to complete the job.

How Much Do Home Improvements Cost?

Homeowners spend an average of $2,000 per project, according to 2021 U.S. Census data from the American Housing Survey. The national median is based off of 2019 estimates due to insufficient data for 2021.

Why Do You Want to Improve Your Home?

Whether you’re planning on staying in your current house or moving to a new place, making upgrades and renovations can be a fun way to personalize the space. It can also increase the property’s value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Popular Home Improvements That Add Value

People renovate their homes for a variety of reasons: to make the home more comfortable, to get it ready for sale, or just to have some creative freedom. But before you embark on a home-improvement project, it’s important to understand what changes will actually increase your home’s value and which ones won’t.

What Home Improvements Are Most Common?

In a world where reality TV shows like Fixer Upper and This Old House are rife, it’s easy to fall into the habit of remodeling or improving your house with an eye toward increasing its value. But there are also a few home improvement mistakes that will actually decrease your home’s worth.

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