How News Is Made and Valued


Various models have been developed to describe how news is made and how it is valued. However, these cannot fully explain all news values. They may be explained by a combination of external and subjective factors.

A news story must be significant and interesting to its readers. Whether the story is good or bad has a lot to do with the reader’s response.

News is made up of elements, such as timing, magnitude, and impact. These elements are known as the “news value” of information. Depending on the news organization, news can travel through multiple communication media. The news of an assassination or a new technology may be disseminated via social media platforms.

A good news story is something that has positive overtones. It may include a win, a breakthrough, or a cure. A bad news story is something that has negative overtones. It can involve behaviour that is out of the norm for society.

The assassination of Mrs Gandhi is not an unknown news event. However, the assassination of Mao Tse-tung was a news event. It was also the first time that the Chinese government released information to the public.

The news value of a particular story will differ depending on the society in which it is being distributed. Some societies may be interested in news relating to health, while others may be interested in news relating to entertainment.

A news story should be interesting, significant, and impactful. If the news is dull or boring, it will not be read.

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