How the Automobiles Changed America


An Automobile is a self-propelled vehicle that is driven by an internal combustion engine. These engines are typically fueled by gasoline, but other liquid petroleum products and natural gas can also be used.

An automobile can be a passenger car, motorcycle or other vehicle for transporting people and their possessions. There are also special automobiles such as fire engines, ambulances and patrol cars that are designed to rescue or protect people from accidents or incidents.

How the Automobiles changed America

The automobile ushered in a new age for American culture. It gave people more personal freedom, gave them access to jobs and services and made travel easier for them. It also changed the landscape, paving the way for highways that connected cities and towns and regions and gave rise to new industries, including automotive manufacturing.

It also created new laws and government requirements that helped to make life safer for everyone, especially for children. It spawned new businesses and leisure activities, such as motels, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks and other entertainment and tourism facilities.

Saves You Time

If you live in a city, having your own car gives you the ability to get across town within minutes and avoid long and stressful drives during the day. It also spares you a lot of time on shopping trips and visiting relatives.

In addition, the cost of owning an automobile is relatively inexpensive. You can buy one for as little as $3,000 if you choose a used model.

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