How to Write Good News


News is anything that catches the attention of people. It can be new, unusual, interesting, significant and about people.

A good news story will be written in a clear and informative way. It will put the facts before your audience in an easily understandable format and will be picturesquely illustrated to make it memorable.

When you write a news article, make sure you get an extra pair of eyes to check over it and point out any grammatical errors. It’s also a good idea to let someone else read it before you submit it, so they can see if it is accurate and how well it flows.

The medium you choose for your news is important, because it will affect how people think about it. Television, for example, relies on moving images to convey a news story, while radio uses spoken words.

In the past, only trained reporters and editors were the gatekeepers who regulated what went into the public’s ear about news. Audience members – those who listened to the local radio station or the newspaper – were merely consumers who could express their opinions about news.

But today, many people rely on social media to get their daily news fix, and those who are savvy about using the latest gadgets have more choice about who they turn to for information. Moreover, traditional media like newspapers, television and radio remain important for Americans even as the Internet offers more ways to access the news.

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