Important Features of Law


Law is an important aspect of politics and society. It influences the way that people relate to each other and shapes politics, economics, and history. In short, law is the mediator between people. This article discusses some of the most important features of law. The first feature is generality. The principle of generality means that all laws must be similar in some way. This is essential because a particular law cannot be made unless it has general application.

Legal issues can arise from planned or unexpected events. They may arise from a family issue, a work dispute, or even an accusation of a crime. Other common legal issues include immigration, debt, and housing problems. Many government websites provide information and resources for legal issues. They also offer information on consumer rights and the criminal justice system. In addition, the Oxford Reference website contains information about legal theory and current debates. The Oxford Reference has more than 34,000 concise definitions and in-depth specialist encyclopedia entries on the most commonly encountered legal topics.

Another important feature of law is that it is epistemologically accessible. The concept of law is a body of norms that are promulgated as public knowledge. This way, people can learn about it, internalize it, and use it to guide their lives. The goal of legal institutions is to protect ordinary people from abuses of power and to settle disputes. For this purpose, the judiciary must be independent and government officials should be accountable. Furthermore, the legal procedures must be transparent.

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