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Over the years, we have heard of racial attacks on New York City. Most have been against Jews, then 9/11 started a wave of violence against Middle Easterners, and recently Asians have been targeted.

A horrible attack on an elderly Asian man took place in Harlem last week.

And then on Saturday night, just after Shabbat, four synagogues had their windows smashed in the Bronx.

The perpetrator is on video, so hopefully we will be seeing his arrest, along with that of the person who attacked the Asian man in Harlem.

The smashed glass in New York is an echo of smashed glass in Germany in the nazi era. Thugs ran rampant with an idiot in charge like Hitler, who was promising the German people free education, free health care, free this, free that. The only thing free was the war.

Freedom isn’t free. It comes at a price, which the founding fathers costed out for us: eternal vigilance. If we pay attention to our communities, and pay attention to our leaders, we can then expect a good quality of life. But if we ignore the needs of our communities and allow leaders to get in just because they rant and rave like Hitler, and promise the rabble free this and free that, we will pay the price.

Crime is a function of our elections, and of our leaders. Hitler is associated with crime; the leadership of today is associated with crime.

But blame must be on the voters. Obama once said that elections have consequences. They do.

Thankfully this crime spree in the Bronx did not send anyone to the hospital. But it did send a message. Vote responsibly, or next time we won’t be so lucky.

In the spirit of remembering history, I support Daby Benjaminé Carreras and other responsible candidates who are not making the promises that Hitler made but who are committing themselves to efficient policies.

This year, vote Daby Benjaminé Carreras for NYC comptroller.

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