Relationships 101


Relationships are emotional connections between two or more people. These relationships are often described as causal or correlational. A relationship can exist between two individuals who share characteristics that are similar to each other, such as being a good listener or a good athlete. Other types of relationships may exist between people who are related, such as relatives.

While the need for human connection may be innate, our ability to form and maintain stable relationships is learned. Evidence suggests that the ability to develop healthy and stable relationships begins in early childhood. This means that stable relationships help establish deeply ingrained patterns of how to relate to others. When a relationship fails, it can result in great psychological distress.

Relationships can also be defined as “physically committed” and “virtual.” While these two definitions are different, the latter term refers to a formal commitment. In a formal relationship, both people are legally bound to commit to each other. A legal union is a legally binding arrangement that provides certain protections and rights for both partners.

Relationships are a complex topic. The definition of a relationship varies from person to person. There are many types of relationships, including romantic relationships and non-romantic ones.

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