Relationships – The Foundation of Human Life


Relationships are the foundation of human life. They help us to understand the world around us and they provide the opportunity for people to grow in a way that they might not have been able to without the presence of another person. They also allow us to share our joys and sorrows. In addition, they give us the chance to work through our problems and come out stronger for it.

Relationships also include people that we spend time with on a casual basis, such as acquaintances. They are the people we pass in the halls and smile at or say, “Hello.” These relationships are based on common interests and/or schedules and they are usually surface-level in nature.

Romantic Relationships allow us to open our hearts to someone else and connect on a very intimate level. These are the people who know all of our good and bad sides, and love us anyway. They are the ones who lift us up when we are down and support our dreams and goals. They make you laugh and cry, and they are always there to hold your hand.

The most important thing that makes a relationship work is the effort that both people put in to nurture it. It is a constant give and take where each person gives what they need from the relationship (emotional support, acceptance of flaws, etc) in return for receiving what they need from it. The relationship is there for them when they need a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk to, and it allows them to be the best version of themselves so that their partner can be proud of them.

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