The Times they are a changing


The Times they are a changing

The US has a new resident in the White House, and storms are gripping the nation. Not yet 24 hours into the role, Joe Biden had protestors to deal with – angry, violent, nasty people who burned the democrat HQ in Washington state. Trumpsters? Right wingers? No, no.

Fellow lefties. Antifa.

This is not a good start. New York has to anticipate that things might not be changing for the better, and New York needs to take steps to make things better.

One thing that is working for good is the Daby Carreras campaign. Daby is a philanthropist who supports New Yorkers in many ways, from giving blood to giving food and supplies – every two weeks he gives things away at 2015 Lexington Avenue.

And he is running for NYC comptroller, a post for which he is well qualified as he has worked in finance for many years.

Stay tuned for more details, things are going to get better.

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