The Value of News


Basically, news is a report that is given to people about an event that has happened. It is considered to be the first rough draft of history.

There are different forms of news, which are based on various factors. For example, hard news is news that is controversial and contains controversial issues. It may be related to business or natural disasters.

Soft news includes news about entertainment and human interest. It covers topics such as showbusiness, sex, food, sports, and lifestyle. It also deals with usual events like health, education, and staged events.

In addition, there are stories that focus on prominent people. These include celebrities, powerful individuals, and influential groups.

Another kind of news is the ‘bad news’. It is also referred to as the ‘wrong’ news. It is often associated with negative overtones and has negative effects on the society.

The value of news can be assessed by two scholarly models: the Political Model and the Organizational Model. The Political Model states that news is a representation of various political pressures and ideological biases in the society.

The Organizational Model also focuses on applying pressure to governmental processes. It argues that the values of news depend on the audience.

In the 21st century, the internet has started to play a similar role. Social media networks have created new opportunities for automated news gathering. Many newsrooms have started to perform news gathering on these platforms.

Some examples of the news values are: exclusivity, surprise, good news, bad news, conflict, magnitude, and contrast. These are all measured in terms of their impact on the reader.

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