Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and hotels

Traveling and hotels

A hotel is a type of accommodation providing lodging for travellers. A hotel may be owned and operated by a single entity, or it may be part of a chain. Some chains offer loyalty programs that make stays more affordable or desirable for frequent travellers. Many hotels provide food and beverage services, including breakfast. Others have wellness, fitness and spa facilities, such as a gym or swimming pool (often with staff to assist guests), massage/therapy rooms and beautician/hairdresser salons. Business centres with equipment and services such as printing, faxing (for a fee) and currency exchange are also common.

In general, hotels are geared towards one of two groups of travellers: business travellers and leisure travellers. Business hotels are usually located within or close to the main business district of a city, or near transport infrastructure such as airports, railway stations and ports. They are often well-connected to local transportation networks and have dedicated shuttle buses to transport guests to and from those destinations.

Leisure hotels are typically found in tourist areas, or in the vicinity of places of interest such as natural or man-made landmarks, museums and art galleries. They are often a good value for money, especially if booked in advance.

Hotels can be classified by their star rating, which is based on a combination of factors such as cleanliness, amenities and location. Hotel ratings are compiled by professional organizations such as the Leading Hotels of the World, and they may also be self-determined by individual hotels.

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