What is Fashion?


Fashion is a general term that refers to any style in clothing, hair, footwear or accessories that is popular at a specific time. It is a form of personal expression and self-identification and it communicates a wide range of meanings within different cultural contexts.

These meanings may include social status (for example, designer labels and luxury materials can convey wealth or social status), cultural norms and values (such as the rejection of gender roles, or religious beliefs), historical and political context (e.g., a protest T-shirt), life stages and moods (for example, a wedding dress can symbolise a new chapter in one’s life or ripped jeans can suggest nonconformity), fantasy and imagination, and the need to experiment.

Similarly to art, fashion has no set limits when it comes to what is deemed beautiful or tasteful – the only limits are those that exist in the mind of the designer/creator. As a result, it is possible to create combinations that would not be considered fashionable on paper – for example, punk meets valley girl, but this is what makes fashion so exciting and unique.

There are so many benefits to loving fashion – it’s fun, exciting, creative and a great way to express yourself. The choices are endless & it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the options. However, if you know what your style is & where you want to take it, then it becomes much easier. Try window shopping or go online to get outfit inspo- it’s free & you can do it while having a cup of tea & biscuits at home!

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