What Is News?


News is a report about something that is new, unusual, interesting and significant.

Newness is very important because it gives people a sense of what is happening around them and how it affects their lives. It can also make people feel more involved in their society and more alert to events that they might not normally see.

Unlike in the past, people can share information and receive it from many different sources. This means that traditional news outlets like newspapers, TV and radio are no longer in control of the flow of information to the public.

The nature of news changes dramatically in the digital age. The Internet, mobile devices and other electronic devices now allow news to be distributed worldwide at little or no cost.

Newspapers, magazines and television stations may decide to change the way they report certain types of news, so that it is more appealing to their readers. This alteration in the news ecology, a redefining of what is news, has profound implications for journalism.

It is also a challenge for scholars to understand the characteristics of news and how it has developed over time, because the media are constantly changing. This is particularly true in the United States, where a series of technological and political developments have created a complex environment for journalists.

News is a process that requires skilled people to put events together in ways that will be most compelling and engaging to the audience. This is why news often includes dramatic features, such as photographs or witty headlines.

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