What is News?


The news is the latest information about things that are happening now. It does not include things that happened 10 years ago, or last year, unless there is some special significance about them, like the anniversary of an event or the death of someone famous. It is the news that people watch on television, read in the newspaper or listen to on the radio that they consider to be important and worth knowing about. It is also the news that they are likely to pass on to others.

Most of the things that make news are about people. However, non-human events such as natural disasters or war can also be newsworthy.

Other factors that determine if an event is newsworthy are drama, consequence and timeliness. Drama and consequence are about how a particular thing affects many people. Timeliness is about how quickly a story happens and how recently it has occurred.

It is up to journalists to decide what is newsworthy, and how much detail to give about it. The way they make these judgments is by reading the audience research that is done by market researchers, but they also use their own judgement about what is important and what should be told first. They also decide how big a story is and whether it should be given in full on the bulletin or page one of the newspaper. They also make judgments about what is not newsworthy and which stories should be discarded.

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