What Is Technology?


Technology is a wide range of tools, machines and techniques used to help people with work and day-to-day tasks. It aims to find new ways of doing things, improve existing ones and sometimes creates entirely new areas of activity. It often overlaps with other categories, but generally six different types of technology can be identified: communication, information, electrical, energy, manufacturing and transportation.

Technology enhances culture: It enables us to communicate with others across the globe and it allows access to vast amounts of information. It is also used to develop and spawn cultural trends, such as a rise in cyberculture. However, not all technology is beneficial to society; it can be used for oppression and war.

It increases productivity: Many technological devices allow businesses to increase production and efficiency. For example, a bakery can use temperature sensors to automate a room and reduce staffing needs. It also helps with the quality of a product by ensuring it is kept at the right temperature and not overcooked.

It provides more choices for learning: Using the right educational technology is essential to engage students and help them understand difficult concepts. It can also provide them with a way to show off their skills, such as coding or a video-making platform. A popular choice among teachers is Prodigy, an adaptive math game that adjusts content to suit each student’s problem spots and learning speeds. It is used by over 100 million teachers, students and parents around the world.

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