What Makes Newsworthy?


In order to be considered news, an event must be new, significant, and have a lasting effect on its readers’ lives. However, not all newsworthy events are noteworthy. Sometimes, stories from the past are simply retold for the first time, and that is still newsworthy. However, newsworthy events are often those with a more dramatic, or sensational, tone. Here are some examples of events that have been deemed newsworthy.

First, consider that the content of news varies from country to country. For example, one country may talk about insects, while another might talk about cows or pigs. But while the content of news can vary, the process by which it is judged remains the same. In other words, there are certain elements that make information “newsworthy” regardless of context.

Second, the purpose of news is to inform and educate people. While the media can provide entertainment for people, it is not the purpose of the news itself. While radio and television can be fun, newspaper editors are also responsible for providing information that educates the public. News stories should not be dry, dull, or devoid of humor.

Third, news value can be contested, because it is often subjective. This can include social, ideological, and cultural influences. For example, different journalists may choose different stories in order to be considered newsworthy.

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